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Are you a "PCT piecemealer"? Over 90% of the people enjoying the Pacific Crest Trail each year only hike a short section of the trail. Just a few dozen "through-hikers" complete the entire 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada at one time.

Now you can track your progress with these unique trail section rocker patches that fit under the PCT patch. Sew them onto your hat or pack and let others know how you're doing!

Rocker patches for all 29 trail sections are available (Note: California Section R is the same as Oregon Section A) as well as three state strips that you can use when you have completed all of the sections in a state.

Each patch is only 75¢, plus 50¢ per order for shipping. Order the complete set of 32 patches and save $4.00! Check out the ordering information for details. If you would like to see the patches or want more information about the Pacific Crest Trail sections, click on the links below.

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Pacific Crest Trail Association: An excellent resource for trail history, advocacy, current conditions, guidebooks, hiker journals, volunteer opportunities, and general advice.

Wilderness Press: Publisher of The Pacific Crest Trail guidebooks by Jeffrey Schaffer, et al. Journals, photos, and general resource for PCT through-hikers and home of PCTResearch project studying nutritional needs and body changes of through-hikers.